Elizabeth Hlavinka

Photo of Elizabeth Hlavinka
Costa Rica
University Of Texas At Austin
Classic Texts, Electronic Music, Surfing
  • Elizabeth specializes in writing stories on climate — everything from sea level rise to bird feathers to sea otters.
  • Previously, she spent time working in a conservation corps restoring U.S. national parks and has always considered herself an environmentalist.
  • Over the course of her career, Elizabeth covered music festivals and interviewed famous artists like Common.


Elizabeth started her career writing for The Daily Texan, where she was later promoted to editing the paper's Life & Arts section and led a team of about 20 writers to produce daily newspaper content. She spent time in Barcelona, where she learned Spanish and covered food and events for a magazine called Barcelona Metropolitan. Later, she moved to New York, where she spent three years covering women's health and mental health for MedPage Today. Building upon the Spanish language skills she learned in Barcelona, she moved to Costa Rica in 2022 and has continued to work remotely from there ever since.


Elizabeth majored in English with a minor in Creative Writing. The courses she completed in school not only taught her important lessons in grammar and syntax but also how to tell a story.
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