Nicholas Conley

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New Hampshire
Marvel Comics, Sci-Fi Literature, Horror Movies
  • An award-winning science fiction author, Nicholas' books include Knight in Paper Armor, Pale Highway, Intraterrestrial, Clay Tongue: A Novelette, and Ending Forever.
  • Some of his previous credits include work for Vox, Truthout, Year Up, Eastern Bank's "Join Us For Good" campaign, HuffPost, and Screen Rant and he also used to write definitions for
  • Nicholas is the editor of his local print newspaper, The New Hampshire Jewish Reporter.


A lifelong storyteller, explorer, and coffee vigilante, Nicholas first joined Alb Media in 2017 as a writer for Guun. From there, his path led to editing, and then to Looper, where his years of intensive research and analysis on arcane and little-known subjects such as Marvel Comics, Stephen King novels, and all things sci-fi are applied on a daily basis. Above all else, stories remain his greatest passion, and his novels — which merge science fiction narratives with hard-hitting examinations of social issues — are available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook form.
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