Sylvia-Marah Boune

Photo of Sylvia-Marah Boune
California, USA
University Of California, Santa Cruz
Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Book-to-screen Adaptations, Astrology
  • Sylvia-Marah is a speculative fiction writer who is currently querying literary agents for her first novel.
  • Her familiarity with plot, character, story structure, and archetypes gives her insight into the mythic structure of both film and television.
  • Ms. Boune has a certificate in Applied Mythology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.


During her teen years, Sylvia-Marah honed her journalistic and photography skills while working on her high school newspaper as a writer and photography editor. In college, she studied creative writing, film, and photography while earning her degree. While working as an accomplished goldsmith, Sylvia-Marah started writing her first novel, became an active book blogger, and wrote personal essays about self-development that were featured on Elephant Journal. In 2021, Ms. Boune began writing for Looper, allowing her to explore her love of storytelling through film and television.


Sylvia-Marah has a B.A. in Modern Literature from UCSC.
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