William Fischer

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Nebraska, United States
University Of Nebraska-Lincoln, National University Of Ireland, Coláiste Dhúlaigh College Of Further Education
Traditional Animation, Constitutional Monarchy, Tyrannosaurids
  • In 2016, William's short story "Why Death is Silent" was the featured audio selection for Issue 53 of the e-zine Intergalactic Medicine Show.
  • His animated short "What (Day)Dreams May Come" won honorable mentions at the London Movie Awards and the Tokyo Film Awards in 2022, and his short "Yekatrina: A Fairy Story" won the Gold Award at the former in 2023.
  • He was the story artist and co-director for animated segments aired on RTE Jr in Ireland.


William has been chasing the dream of professional storytelling since 2013. He has short fiction credits scattered across various magazines and has written or directed ten short films and a webseries. He was a regular features writer for Collider for two years before joining Alb Media. Told since childhood he was born in the wrong century, William has a large assortment of trivia on classic film and theater, world folklore, the Romantic movement, and Cretaceous dinosaurs, ready to be put to good use.


William has a bachelor's degree from the Johnny Carson School of Theater and Film of UNL, a master's degree from the National University of Ireland, Galway, and a bachelor with honors from the University of Wolverhampton and Coláiste Dhúlaigh College Of Further Education.
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